CakePHP Expose Examples


The database field type is binary with a length of 16 (byte).

UUID shortening enabled: (display with char length of 36)

You can switch the database Type class used here:

BinaryUuid (char 36) ShortUuid (char 22)

Table overview

List all exposed users in paginated list

Check a specific one

The following are ordered by name:

  • One [ID efbfbd5b-7731-14ef-bfbd-4858efbfbdef]
  • Three [ID efbfbdef-bfbd-7d56-efbf-bdefbfbd41ef]
  • Two [ID efbfbd69-efbf-bdef-bfbd-efbfbdefbfbd]

It is now not possible anymore to see the primary key, and thus the order of creation or linking of those to a count of records per time-frame.

Superimposed behavior

In some cases you don't want to modify all public actions and their templates. In that case you can use the superimpose functionality to map UUIDs to the primary key field on read, and the other way around on write.

CRUD actions through superimposed exposure

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