Auth Sandbox

For TinyAuth CakePHP authentication and authorization plugin.


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Roles and access credentials

  • not logged in (no role)
  • user username: user, pwd: 123
  • mod username: mod, pwd: 123
  • admin username: admin, pwd: 123

Access overview

Authentication is provided by an Auth component. It is used for all the "public" actions of this sandbox. See the AppController and AuthSandboxController setup, the config/auth_allow.ini file and the TinyAuth documentation.

Authorization is provided by an Authorize adapter and the main demo content here.

Display content/links based on current role

The following content/links are either hidden or unclickable based on the current access level:

  • user link:
  • mod link:
  • admin only link:
  • careful! "my-public-one" admin action is not ACL controlled because public, therefore the link would not show for normal roles:


  • You can easily also use multi-role auth here (to allow users to have multiple roles at once).

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