Countries and AJAX Pagination

Name Original Name Iso2 Iso3
zw Zimbabwe Zimbabwe ZW ZWE
zm Zambia Zambia ZM ZMB
ye Yemen اليَمَن YE YEM
eh Western Sahara الصحراء الغربية EH ESH
wf Wallis And Futuna Islands Wallis et Futuna WF WLF
vi Virgin Islands (US) United States Virgin Islands VI VIR
vg Virgin Islands (British) British Virgin Islands VG VGB
vn Vietnam Việt Nam VN VNM
ve Venezuela Venezuela VE VEN
va Vatican City State (Holy See) Vaticano VA VAT
vu Vanuatu Vanuatu VU VUT
uz Uzbekistan O‘zbekiston UZ UZB
uy Uruguay Uruguay UY URY
um United States Minor Outlying Islands United States Minor Outlying Islands UM UMI
us United States United States US USA
gb United Kingdom United Kingdom GB GBR
ae United Arab Emirates دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة AE ARE
ua Ukraine Україна UA UKR
ug Uganda Uganda UG UGA
tv Tuvalu Tuvalu TV TUV

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Key Goals for the AJAX Pagination

  • Ajaxify all links in the "pagination-container" including pagination and sort links
  • As easy as possible
  • Fallback without AJAX (and JS) should be fully working
The fading is not necessary and only shows more clearly the beginning and end of the AJAX request. Note: Instead of the plugin one could also just use on() event and bind the pagination links to a click event.

How does it work

You only need
  • A "pagination-container" div and a separate ctp file of the "common" content for both AJAX and normal view
  • A few lines of custom (jQuery) JS on top
  • URL needs to be rewritten/updated to be in sync with current page - for a clean user experience

Send your feedback or bugreport!