Countries and AJAX Pagination

Name Original Name Iso2 Iso3
sv El Salvador El Salvador SV SLV
st Sao Tome and Principe São Tomé e Príncipe ST STP
ss South Sudan South Sudan SS SSD
sr Suriname Suriname SR SUR
so Somalia Soomaaliya SO SOM
sn Senegal Sénégal SN SEN
sm San Marino San Marino SM SMR
sl Sierra Leone Sierra Leone SL SLE
sk Slovakia Slovensko SK SVK
sj Svalbard And Jan Mayen Islands Svalbard og Jan Mayen SJ SJM
si Slovenia Slovenija SI SVN
sh Saint Helena Saint Helena SH SHN
sg Singapore Singapore SG SGP
se Sweden Sverige SE SWE
sd Sudan السودان SD SDN
sc Seychelles Seychelles SC SYC
sb Solomon Islands Solomon Islands SB SLB
sa Saudi Arabia العربية السعودية SA SAU
rw Rwanda Rwanda RW RWA
ru Russia Россия RU RUS

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Key Goals for the AJAX Pagination

  • Ajaxify all links in the "pagination-container" including pagination and sort links
  • As easy as possible
  • Fallback without AJAX (and JS) should be fully working
The fading is not necessary and only shows more clearly the beginning and end of the AJAX request. Note: Instead of the plugin one could also just use on() event and bind the pagination links to a click event.

How does it work

You only need
  • A "pagination-container" div and a separate ctp file of the "common" content for both AJAX and normal view
  • A few lines of custom (jQuery) JS on top
  • URL needs to be rewritten/updated to be in sync with current page - for a clean user experience

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